Thursday, October 2, 2014

3 x (1600, 400)

Workout: 3 x (1600 with 200 recovery followed by a 400 with a 400 recovery)

Tuesday morning at PDS, Caleb and Spada joined me for my speed workout. Joined is probably too strong of a word to use when describing how this workout went. The reality of the situation was that I chased them the entire workout.

Caleb showed no linger effects from his marathon just a few short weeks ago. As usual, Steve was out running plenty hard.

I have to be honest with myself. This wasn’t one of my better workouts. Having run the Wild Vine trail half marathon on Saturday, my quads were still feeling the effects from the super steep ascents and toe jamming descents.

From the first 1600 Caleb displayed no loss in leg turnover. Then, he came back and ran the 400 equally well.

This is a good mental tester workout for me. After running 1600 meters, the body is consumed with a plenty of lactic acid. Then to get a just a 200 meter recovery before running a hard 400 means the legs are really going to feel the burn . Never once during the 400s did I feel comfortable. Then again, I never expected to.  Did this workout make me work hard – absolutely. Did I need this workout. I certainly did.

My mile splits were 5:37, 5:37, and 5:41. For the 400s, they were 81, 81, and 82. While they were not as quick as I would have liked, I still love to see the consistency.
Big shout out to Caleb and Spada for making me run hard when I might not have otherwise.


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