Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ultimate Runner – Anticipation

After months of waiting the fun finally begins for me with my first ever Ultimate Runner Competition tonight. When I first signed up for it, I thought I had a fair idea of what I might encounter. After the numerous emails from the guys at Twin City Track Club (TCTC) about what to expect, I am just crossing my fingers that I am ready.

Five solid weeks of running our local summer track series should have prepared me. However, it has been the constant reminder emails about pulled hamstrings in the 100 meters which is the next to last event that most concerns me.

I remember my last hamstring pull and I definitely don’t want to repeat it.

Over the past week, there have been several emails about the seeding of runners.  The race organizers gave the registered runners one last chance to adjust their seeding times before setting the final heat assignments. Seeding times are extremely important in an event like this one. Getting in a heat where the other runners are either slower or faster can make achieving a fast time much more difficult. This is why that I was so excited to be in heat one. They typically run 11 and 14 people during a heat with the exception of the 100 and the XC 5k where we all run together.

Being in the first heat means I know exactly when I will go off for the mile heat. This also means that I will have the most recovery before XC 5k starts.

Anticipation is building; I cannot wait to get started.


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