Friday, June 27, 2014

Runner’s Study – Finished

Wow, has it really been 6 weeks since I volunteered to be part of Garrett’s Runners Study. Yeah, I guess it has.

Everything started with a Max Vo test which really rocked my quads and calves. Then, dutifully for the next 6 weeks I sent a recap of my weekly workouts in to the study.

My first 5k Time Trial came during week five. After which I found myself staying in the control group. The control group would not be tapering which was a pity. I thought I really need a nice taper. Anyway, I continued my mileage for two more weeks and finished up my second 5k time trial this past Monday evening.

Conditions were exactly the same as my previous time trial. I ran a mile on the tread mill before putting on the mask to measure my oxygen usage. This lasted four minutes. Then, I was free to finish off the time trial. My first 2 miles were run at six minute pace. Then, I dropped the pace for the last 1.1 down to 5:52 pace. I was roughly 20 seconds faster for this time trial than the previous one. I suspect it had as much to do with me understanding how to use the tread mill better the second time around.

I finished with a nice cool down on the tread mill to complete my daily mileage. Garrett asked me to complete a final questionnaire and I was done. Start to finish, I was there maybe an hour.

Overall, I have to say that this was a pretty neat experience. I had never participated in a study before so it was all very interesting. Not to mention I learned a great deal of which included my Max Vo value and Percentage Body measurement. This was all good information to know.

Before leaving I did ask Garrett if I could get a copy of all the information that they collected on me and a copy of the study when they published it.

I am looking forward to reading it.


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