Friday, June 13, 2014

Running Shoe inserts

During my daily runs my mind wonders from thought to thought with no apparent connection between them. Then, one thought sticks long enough that it makes its way in to one of my post.

Yesterday’s thought was about running shoe inserts. Running shoe companies have to be spending million in research each year. Each one hoping they have the shoe that consumers want.

All of this money being spent to improve the shoe yet they don’t appear to pay any attention to the shoe insert. I realize there are a number of aftermarket inserts for running shoes, but why not delivery our running shoes with a better insert. After all most shoes have a price range from $100 to $180. Could not some of it be spent on delivering a better insert?

 Personal experience from years of running has taught me that most running shoe inserts work well for maybe a couple of runs. Then, they take on the impression of my foot. From this point forward, all of the shock absorption comes out of the shoe.  The insert becomes nothing more than a cover protecting the bottom of my foot from the shoe.

As runners I guess we have grown to accept this as common practice but I would love to see it changed.


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