Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Something Different

Runners are some of the most goal oriented people on the planet. Whether the goal is to complete a local 5k or run a marathon. They may even have aspirations to run a 100 miler. The point is that they set these goals for themselves and then juggle, balance, and prioritize their lives to meet the challenges of achieving them.

When the calendar turned from ’13 to ’14, I let me myself ponder over a list of potential races. To be selected, these races needed to create a special experience. To be special, these had to be races that challenged me but just in a different way.  

Two races or should I say events came to mind: The Ultimate Runner Competition and the Dopy Challenge.

Thinking about it, these two events couldn’t be any more different.

 The Ultimate Runner Competition is made up of several track races all in one day. They culminate the evening with a cross country 5k race.  This competition has been around for a number of years but for one reason or another I never made it a priority to enter. Often, I wouldn't think about it until well after the registration date had opened. Then, when I checked, the race would be full. Of course, allowing just over 100 runners, they would clearly fill up fast. This year, I got myself an early place in line.  

The Dopy Challenge is completely on the other end of the spectrum. This event consists of 4 races on 4 successive days: a 5k, a 10k, a ½ marathon, and a full marathon. A runner has to be a little “Dopy” just to think about taking on this challenge. The Ultimate Runner Competition will leave me tired. The Dopy Challenge, I suspect, will leave me exhausted.

Signing up presented just as much of a challenge. I was warned early on that the Dopy Challenge fills up fast. While Disney takes a larger number of runners, there is also a much larger pool of runners to wanting to do this race.

Again, when the registration opened in late April, I got in line. Actually, it was more literal than you might believe. When I clicked the registration button on “Active.com”, they told me that I was like “67” in line to register. I would be redirected to the registration page as soon as possible. I would then have a certain time period to complete my registration. Needless to say, I wasted little time typing in my personal info and adding my credit card number. But I did get in.

So now you know. My too big events for this year are the Dopy Challenge and Ultimate Runner Competition.

The Ultimate Runner Competition is coming up in just a few short weeks.

I have some time before taking on the “Dopy Challenge”. It kicks off in January of ’15. It will be my first race(s) in the 50 to 54 age bracket.


Wish me luck.

Sharing one thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner



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