Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last night of Summer Track

Wow, has June flown by or what. Seems like just yesterday that we finished with the Memorial Day weekend, and I was preparing for my first night of summer track.

Now 4 weeks have passed with me running what I have been calling the “Running Gauntlet”: 100, 2 x heats of the mile, the 400, 2 heats of the 800, the 200, and finishing it off with a 5000 on the track.

I am sure it comes as no surprise. After running this workout, going to sleep isn’t a issue for me. I am out as soon as my head hits the pillow.

Like all good things, summer track season must come to an end.

For me, I have accomplished many of my goals, renewed old friendships, and made new ones. Along the way, I have truely had a fantastic time.

Tonight is all about going out and having one last bit of fun before saying good bye to the track until next year.
Join me if you can - 6pm Myers Park HS..


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