Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Track WK #2

Starting my first laps around Myers Park track, my legs didn’t exactly have the bounced that I had hoped. Instead, they just seemed to be loping along. Long ago, I learned to ignore much of how I felt before a run. The thoughts alone can sabotage my efforts. Focus on the racing and the rest will almost certainly sort itself out.

Last week, the turnout for this meet was decent. This week the number of runners had to be at least double. This was especially true of the runners under 18 years of age.

I got things started with the 100 meters in 17.11. This was full second faster than last week. It is always nice to get the sprint out of the way first. Then concentrate on the running.

Next up were two heats of the mile. We had a big group, and it was crowded the first lap. I ran most of it in lane two. By lap 3 the runners were stringing out pretty well. I was passing a few runners yet a few runners were passing me. There was really no net change in my position in the race. Coming off the last turn this kid pulls up beside me and then surges for the finish. He was probably no taller than 4ft but had just run 5:09 mile. I checked to results this morning. He is a mere 11 years old.   I was just behind him with a 5:10 which is the fastest mile that I run at summer track in several years.

There was barely time for me to turn in my position number when Tom was calling up the second heat of the mile. My legs had not fully recovered from the first heat as we started the second heat. There were a few adults in this heat. Otherwise, the average was between 10 and 17. As I expected, they all went sprinting out for the first 150 meters and then, they hit the wall.

I was still working to recover from the first heat, but did manage to run a 5:42.

Nothing major happed in my 400 meter run. I ran a 74 which was pretty much in line with my performance from last week.

To my surprise, they ran two heats of the 800. Of course, I ran both events: 2:34 and 2:42. Like the mile, the second 800 was tough to manage.

The 200 meters had a huge number of runners. My 36.72 was pretty much par for the course.

We finished off the event with the 3200 instead of the 2 mile this week. Most of the race I ran with this 13 year old kid. Either his coach or his dad was calling splits from the sidelines and encouraging him to stay with me. I had caught him after about 2 laps into the race, but each time that I pulled up beside him he would surge ahead. This went on until we had 2 laps left. I pulled up but this time no surge happened and I moved ahead of him.

I finished with an 11:31 time for 3200 which would roughly be 11:35 for 2 miles. This was a huge 20 seconds faster than last week.

I was pleased with my overall effort. I ran nearly 6 miles in intervals from the 100 through the 3200.  My legs hadn’t felt the best starting the evening but they still perform well.  There are just 3 more weeks before the Ultimate Runner Competition.  There is no resting now. I have to charge ahead if I want to be ready.


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