Monday, June 16, 2014

Jim Law Track Meet

On Friday evening I was back on the track at UNCC getting ready for the 3000, 800, and 1500.

On the ride over my car said the temperature was hovering roughly around 85 degrees.  May be so, but down the field, it felt so much hotter.

My warm up was nothing more than a very slow jog but I was dripping with sweat. I was about ready to finish my warm up when they called down to the track and told us that all events would be delayed by 15 minutes.

Rather than continue to do laps I opted for some dynamic warm up drills. Finally, we were ready to start. Kevin took the pace out fast for the first 400 meters. I caught him during the second lap and kept pushing hard.

I could tell that I was struggling. Possibly from the heat or possibly from the hard week of running, my legs just felt extremely sluggish. I wasn’t tracking my splits but I certainly felt like my laps splits were slipping over the second mile.

I finished in 10:29, and then slowed to a walk. I felt light headed from my effort. I kept walking and got some water but still felt pretty wasted.

My next event was the 800 which was still over two hours away. Then, my 1500 event was another hour after it. To get away from the heat, I found a nice spot on the grassy infield to rest.

Maybe 20 minutes later the storm clouds arrived and the lightening started. They sent everyone off the track and into the parking deck for safety reasons.

Between the delayed start and the delay for the rain, it would probably be late into the evening before they ran the 800 and 1500. Honestly, after the 3000, I didn't feel much like sticking around.

The 3000 had drained me more than I realized. Rather than test my limits, I changed to my trainers and headed out for a cool down run.

I really hate that I missed running both the 800 and 1500. Both events are ones that I really enjoy. However, sometimes it is just better to walk away when conditions are just not right.

Maybe I will be back next year.


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