Thursday, April 10, 2014

Try Thursday’s Adventure Run

Last week I went down for the TrySports’ TryThursday’s Adventure Run.  They had a nice crowd, but I thought there might more runners turn out. The weather was perfect aside from the being a little too windy. Food and beer were available to the runners for their post run enjoyment.

If you are wondering what is a “TryThursday’s Adventure Run”, let me tell you.

Everyone meets at 6pm at either the Blakeney or South Park stores. Runners are given a list of locations where they can run to do a fitness challenge. Those completing the fitness challenges receive tickets to win gifts and prizes at the post run drawings. Runners can run to as many or as few of the challenges as they like. Runners doing all of the challenges would run roughly 5 miles and have about an hour to complete their adventure.

TrySports will be holding 6 of these TryThursday’s runs on the first Thursday of each month during the summer.

As word gets around, I expect the size of the group for these runs to increase. Kat mentioned when they hit 100 runners, they will be giving away a tread mill. Nothing could be better than seeing 100 runners in May and see them pay up with a tread mill give away.

If you are interested, the next run will be May 1 at 6 PM and will individual runs starting from both the Blankeney and South Park stores.


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