Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Until last week, the weather had been rather chilly. There had been the occasional day warm day but nothing lasting more than a few days.

Then, over Easter weekend we had a ton of rain followed by plenty of nice warm days. Suddenly every tree and flower in the Charlotte was dumping pollen into the air.

Each year, I go through a week or two where my allergies just go crazy. My nose runs. My eyes are watering. My ears feel like they hearing while under water. Breathing is just tougher. I basically just feel miserable.

Right now, I seem to be in the middle of this two week window. The symptoms started coming on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. By Friday, everything seemed like a struggle to do.

Saturday, I ran the Skyline 5k and felt like I was breathing through a mask the entire time. My breathing just felt labored no matter what the pace.

Usually after a good rain everything starts to feel better. With the forecast for a few rainy days this week maybe luck will be on my side. If the rain comes, it will clear out the pollen.  For which I will be eternally grateful and ready to proceed with some summer time weather.


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