Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring ’14 - 6 x 800

Breathing leg turnover back into my legs after it has been a while isn’t easy. May be this explains why I was doing 800s yesterday around the speed loop.

The initial 800 was slow and I knew it – 2:52. The second one inched down by a couple of seconds – 2:50.

The third took still another second off – 2:49. Yes, my workout was at least trending in the right direction. The fourth quarter was only slightly faster – 2:48.

Could it be a sign of age or wisdom that I don’t push them as hard in the beginning? Has the countless miles and numerous race resulted in my always wanting to hold more in reserve than I should?

Yeah, this makes more and more sense to me. Changing this mentality requires a conscious effort.

Interval five went down in 2:45. Interval six went down in 2:46.

The telltale sign comes from my heart rate monitoring. The first four intervals went by with my heart rate barely pushing into the 140s. The last two intervals saw it just scratch the surface of 150. Clearly, there is more room for improvement.  Aerobically, I feel good, but my legs just refuse to go faster.

Just have to keep the faith and keep working.


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