Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Active Charlotte Alliance

A few months ago I received an email about a “Fit Charlotte” initiative. This was a new initiative to me but it seemed to be something in line with our Charlotte Running Club’s goals and values.

Thus, I decided to attend the first meeting back in January.

My initial impressions from the meeting materials led me to believe this group’s goals were to help individuals and/or organizations find the necessary resources to help with their events.

I guess in way that’s what this group is capable of doing. By and far, most of the attending individuals represented were coaches, trainers, suppliers, or representatives of organizations capable of hosting events. Only a few of the individuals were from groups like the Charlotte Running Club.   

The latter part of March I received another email telling me that there was a second meeting the first of April.

Out of the second iteration of information and meetings, I learned that they were changing the initiative’s name from “Fit Charlotte” to “Active Charlotte Alliance”.

Additionally, they shared our group’s mission statement and purpose:

Mission Statement:

To advocate for an active, healthy, and connected Charlotte by assessing, empowering, and maintaining community – based wellness, sports, and fitness programs for all citizens.

Purpose Statement:

We believe that a community-focused approach for a healthy, more active Charlotte greatly increases the quality of life for all citizens and enhances our appeal as a great place to “life”(I think this should be live), work , play, and visit.

There were 82 interested affiliates listed on the packets shared with the group including our Charlotte Running Club.

Out of these first two meetings there seems to be a lot of networking. Where I am struggling with it, I am just not seeing a clear vision for this group. Clearly, I know they want to make Charlotte a healthier place to live. This is pretty clear.

I guess what I am looking to see is a “Vision Statement” and a combination of both short term and long term goals. A clear list of expectations listed so that not only does the "Active Charlotte Alliance" show it is making progress but member affiliates can show progress toward helping the greater Charlotte area become a more “fit” city. 

I don’t know. On the surface, this sounded like a great way for CRC to broaden its exposure toward “promote a passion for running”. I guess I will just have to wait and see what unfolds in the coming months.
I will keep you posted as I learn more information.


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