Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Expresso Exercise Bikes

Yesterday was a long day and by the evening my motivation for a workout was waivering. Knowing a workout is going to take 2 to 2 ½ hours might just be more than I am in for completing. Never the less, I pushed ahead.

I put my name on the list for a bike in the spin class and then headed into the weight room. Thirty to forty minutes is about the right timeframe to complete my weight workout before each of my spin classes. I move through the machines in what must seem like a random order, but there is a method to it. I know which machines are most frequently used so when they open up, I jump in and complete my sets on them.  I leave the low volume machines to the end because I can pretty much jump on them anytime that I choose.

Well, I am making my rounds and I notice the Expresso exercise bikes were open. Last week, I had briefly checked them out and thought it might be cool to do one of the courses on them.

With my motivation for my spin class at an all time low, I decided to give them a try. To the outward appearance, these look like pretty good bikes to ride. The interactive course allows for me to pass other CPU riders and get passed by CPU riders. Along the way, the course is going up and down to simulate hills and valleys.

Before even getting on the bike, I start adjusting it to fit me. After a few minutes, I have what feels pretty good.

Next I start pedaling. Immediately, the Expresso bike wants me to logon to an Expresso User account. Really, I just want to check things out. I don't want to create an account or save my workout. Several minutes pass during which time, I finally figure out how to make it work in guest mode. Any other time, I might have created an account but today, I just in the mood for some mindless riding.

Boy, am I in for a surprise.

Slowly I figure out that I need to adjust the gears up and down to accommodate the inclines and declines along the course.

Not to mention, it is nearly impossible to pedal while standing. After maybe 10 seconds of trying, I give up and settle for seated pedaling.

For the first ten to fifteen minutes I am chasing down riders and pass the pace setter. It doesn’t take long to realize that program is recycling the riders. I pass this one rider with the same jersey something like four times.

I do like that it monitors my heart rate during the workout. I wish more machines had this ability.

The course that I choose was projected to take a rider 30 to 45 minutes to complete. I complete it in 29:59. I ride for another couple of minutes and then head off to complete my workout on the stair master.

Yes, the Expresso bikes offered some cool graphic and the potential to entice the rider to work harder. But to make the darn thing more realistic, it needs to be more like a real bike. It needs to have the real bike ride and feel.

On rare occasions I may jump on it again, but there is no real comparison to the spin class bikes. I would much rather hit the spin bikes for a workout or even better get my bike out for a ride.


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