Monday, November 25, 2013

Where did the weight go?

After OBX, I realized better late than never that I needed some easy running time with less miles. Along with this easy running, I relaxed my normal dietary options.

The usual side effect of this change is a few pounds of extra weight.

Two weeks after OBX, I was at the Y and decided to step on the scales. As much as I didn’t want to know how much weight that I had gained, I really did.

So I stepped on the scales.

The digital numbers started changing. When they finally stopped, I had to look at it twice. I was totally expecting it to show extra pounds.

Instead, what I saw was a three pound of weight loss.

How could I have lost three pounds of weight?

I stepped off the scales and then back on. Yep, the display showed a three pound loss.

I cannot explain it.


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