Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Marathoning Masters from OBX

Since I started running the OBX marathon in '08, they have always had a decent group of master s' runners show up each and every year. This year's group was no exception.

Michael Dwomoh is leading our contingent. Michael hails from the Raleigh area. Last year, Michael ran something like 5 marathons in 5 successive weeks. During this time, he ran 2:38 and 2:40 marathon. He finished it off with our very own Thunder Road here in Charlotte. Running one marathon is hard, running 5 is beyond comprehension.

That is until this year when I met. Jeff Mescal. Jeff lives and trains in Hebron, Indiana. OBX was Jeff’s fifth marathon in 5 weeks, and he has another trail marathon scheduled for next weekend. Count them; this is 6 marathons in a row. During this streak, Jeff knocked down a sub 2:40 marathon during a hilly Akron, Ohio marathon. Jeff and I are roughly the same age. I know how my body feels after just one marathon. I cannot image what it is like to bounce back for another marathon in just 6 to 7 days. Incidentally, Jeff finished just 10 seconds behind me at OBX. During our conversation afterward, he told me that didn’t know I was there until we were nearly at the finish line. With all of the half marathoners, his view of me was totally obscured.

Scott Reamer, I met during my morning run on Saturday through the Nags Head woods. Scott is a professional runner. Yes, as a masters runner he makes his living by running and doing triathlons full time and is sponsored by Powerbar. We probably talked for 30 minutes before he headed off for a swim in the ocean. Really, the day before his marathon, he swims in the ocean. The water must be something like 50 degrees. I don’t know how he does it.

How I met Eric Makovsky is another interesting story. Eric was looking for information about OBX and stumbled across my blog. He then shot me an email. Eric is a super nice guy. Eric is in the Navy and is studying to be a nurse if I remember correctly. However, before his recent venture into nursing he sung our national anthem for the Navy. He even sung it before the start of the OBX marathon. Through my 48 years, I have heard our national anthem song on more than one or two occasions. Eric did an awesome job.  Eric makes his home with his wife and children in Virginia Beach, VA. We have already exchange some email about syncing up for next year’s OBX marathon.

Martin Thorne is from Salisbury, NC which is just a few miles up 85 from Charlotte. Martin is an excellent master’s runner that I met a few years ago during some races up in that area. Martin was shooting for someone closer to 2:53 or 2:54 but like the rest of us, OBX’s pesky head wind made all of us run a little slower.

Congratulations on our efforts guys, and I really appreciate each of you taking a few minutes to share your personal time and stories with me.


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