Thursday, November 14, 2013

Running with Music

I was giving a talk about running a while back. Toward the end of the talk, I had one young lady ask me what I thought of running with music.
My answer went something like this.
Yes, I have run and listened to music on my iPod nano, but I don’t recommend it. Listening to music while running removes one my early warning systems that I depend on – hearing.
Many times, I have stopped short while running down East Blvd because I heard a car suddenly trying to turn on to the street that I was currently crossing.
And cars are just one of the dangers. Listening to music obscures the sound of an anger dog, or of another runner, or even someone with less than honorable intent. I never know what possible danger will be lurking around the next corner.
To be on the safe side, I suggested that she seek out a running buddy. She could ask a fellow member of her team. They could schedule a regular meet up time. In my opinion this is a much better solution to doing long and boring miles solo.
I went on to add that if you do see me running with music, it will most likely be on a treadmill. Treadmill running is not without its own dangers but usually I am in a more secure location – either at my home or in a fitness center like our local YMCAs.
Runners need to always think safty first. Otherwise, you are betting you life on it.
Sharing one thought at time,
The Cool Down Runner

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