Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Honey Stinger Gel Experience

I realized on Friday that I didn’t have my usual Power Gel for my City of Oaks ½ marathon on Sunday. RIE is just 5 minutes from my house so I dropped by on the way up to grab a Power Gel.

To my amazement, REI did not have a single Power Gel.

Thus, I was left to sort through the various other gels and choose. Finally, I opted for a Honey Stringer Gel. I have never tried the honey stinger brand before so I would be violating the first rule every runner has. Do not try anything new on race day.

Fast forward to the first mile of the race, I opened the Honey Stinger Gel and took a big gulp of it.

From the very second the gel touched my tongue, I did not like it. I was, how should I say it, already committed to the race so I gulped down the rest of it.

A couple of miles later, I suddenly was not feeling so good.

The feeling is hard to describe but basically I was feeling yucky.

The yucky feeling would last to nearly the 10 mile point before I would start to feel better.

Like most runners I have “comfort” brands of gels that I like.

Even with years of experience I find that I still do dumb stuff from time to time. This one certainly fits right in the “dumb idea” mold.  


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