Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fly Wheel session

I thought that I would share some of the numbers from my most recent visit to Fly Wheel. If memory serves me correctly, I last did a Fly Wheel class in December of ’12. Chris had invited me along with several other guys to participate in a Fly Wheel session.

Too much time had passed because I had forgotten how intense these Fly Wheel sessions can be.

A group of us waited just outside the room while they finished cleaning the room from the previous class. We entered and went to our chosen bikes. I adjusted my seat to fit me and the climbed on.

Our instructed wasted very little time in getting us started. The lights went down and our instructor was already prompting us to up the resistance.

Within minutes, I was sweating, and the sweating did not slow until the class finished some 45 minutes later.

One of the unique parts of the Fly Wheel class is the resistance training that they combine with in their spin classes. Probably, 30 minutes into the class, we were all instructed to pull out these 2 and 4 pound bars. I was following the lead our instructor as she went through different exercises with both bars.

In all honesty, my arms were burning within minutes. I hit the weight machines regularly, but I do not do these exact exercises. At one point, I watched our instructor raising her bars up and down. I was just happy to hold my bars still. My shoulders were burning and burning badly.

The lights finally came on again.

I wiped sweat away and headed out to change. One thing about these spin classes, they leave me pretty spent.

Below I have listed the statistics from my class. For a runner, I guess they are decent. This one of the great things I do like about Fly Wheel. The ability to track my ongoing numbers is great inspiration for me to improve.  

·         Avg RPM 64

·         Max RPM 94

·         Avg Torq 25

·         Max Torq 40

·         Avg Speed 30 mph

·         Class Time 45 min

·         Total Power 266

·         Total Distance 21.5 miles

·         Estimated Calories 723 – 798

Sharing one thought at time,

The Cool Down Runner

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