Friday, October 25, 2013

Therapeutic Bedding

In September, I got an email from Charlie Engle. Yes, the one and the same Charlie Engle that ran through the Sahara plus many other numerous feats of human endurance including the Badwater Ultra early this year. Meredith, one of my TrySports Ambassador team mates, had shared my name with him. Charlie was looking for local athletes to try out this Therapeutic Bedding.  In all honesty, I never gave my sheets a second thought. I crawled in each night and would sooner or later drift off to sleep.

Charlie shared that pro cycling teams were using these sheets because they helped them recover better. Among work, running, and the numerous other things I have gotten myself involved; getting a good night sleep is mandatory for me.

Thus, I agreed.

For the last 5 weeks, I have been sleeping on these sheets. Two things often disturb my sleeping. I frequently toss and turn at night which prevents me from having the continuous RM sleep that I need. My other struggle is with feeling hot. I have no explanation for it but sometimes, I just have to kick the covers off. I have often thought it was something to do with my running and possibly overtraining.

The silky smoothness is one of the first thing that I noticed about the sheets. I am assuming because of the material make up, I also found that I was no longer kicking the covers off. I also was not tossing and turning as much which meant that I was not waking up as much during the night. Therefore, I was sleeping my soundly throughout the night.

For those runners struggling to sleep most nights, this is worth checking out. I have added some contact information below.

336 510 8086
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