Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bad case of the “Blahs”

So yesterday, I was working pretty much the entire day with my fingers constantly darting over my keyboard.

By the time that I looked up, it was evening and I still needed to go run.

Getting dressed and heading out the door, I could tell that I had a bad case of the “blahs”. You know the feeling. The one where I need to run 10 miles, but I could be just as happy with 1 mile.

I pushed off from my curb, and my legs just turned over with no apparent willingness to run.

Usually when I run my hill repeats, I run them toward the end of the workout so I can head directly home afterward. I was about 3 miles in yesterday, and I decided to go ahead and run them.

My legs didn’t feel all that bad while I charged up the hill so I repeated the process 7 more times.

With those repeats in the bag, my legs went right back to feeling the “blahs”.

I was trying to decide if I should break off the run or push on. Finally, I decided on just doing this neighborhood loop and see how I felt afterward. I could still break it off. It would be just 2 miles back to my house if I turned right or 4 miles if I turned left.

I am coming up to my decision point and still had not made a decision.

Finally, I decided to turn left. Shorting the run by 2 miles would not help all that much.

I made my way up the hill and hit the flat section of the run. As with most of my runs, l was letting my mind drift off to think about other things while I made my way back home.

Some where over the next 2 miles I realized that I was breathing a little harder. Not only was I breathing harder but I was running faster. I am still unsure about what clicked. I actually felt like running and running hard.

Strange how I can go from not even wanting to run to feeling good, smooth, and relaxed while running hard.

I wish I could explain it, but I cannot.


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