Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The weather

I wonder if my next marathon needs to be in Alaska so I may have a cool day. Part of the reason that I selected the Wine Glass marathon had to do with the average temperature being around 40 degrees. To a marathoner this is ideal. The temperature is chilly standing around but once running, the body comes up to an ideal working temperature.

For the last 10 days, I have been watching the weather forecast for Corning NY. First, the temperature was 47. This is not ideal but no bad. However, the temperature has been slowly rising. First, it came up to 52. Then, it was 57. Now, it is listed as 59 degree. By the time Sunday arrives, it will probably be in the mid 60s. With my luck, it will probably be warmer in Corning NY than it will be  here in Charlotte.

This exactly is happened in my last two marathons. OBX had been cool all week but the weekend saw the temperature head into the mid 60s once the sun came up. At Wrightsville Beach this spring, there were some great 40s and 50s during the lead up week. Race morning, the temperature was 61 before the sun came up. Once it did, it got warm and quick.

Thus, it is pretty obvious why I thought the temperature for Wine Glass would be perfect for me. Now, after months of training, I will face a warm and humid run which is not much different than running here in Charlotte.

This is why running a marathon is so difficult. Everything has to come together.


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