Thursday, October 24, 2013

8 x 2 minute hills

On Monday, I was up early and over at the Twin Lakes business park. The park contains a nice long fairly straight hill with a gradually climb. I have used the same hill in the past for shorter intervals. This would be the first 2 minute interval workout.

I like running in this park because they have nice wide roads. I can do my workout and pretty much do not have to concern myself with traffic issues.  Running to the business park covers about 3 miles if I take the direct route, or I can make a few detours and make it closer to six miles before arriving. This is what I did on Monday.

Even thou, I ran 24 miles on Sunday; I still felt like I had plenty of pop in my legs. At least through the majority of the intervals, my legs did start to feel it by the last couple of intervals.

Because I set a max mileage for each day, if I reach this set total before reaching my driveway, I make myself walk the reminder back to my house. Monday, I finished my mileage early and had to walk the last ½ mile back to my house. To be honest, I find that I like do this more and more. The walking gives my body a chance to return to normal and it helps flush off the lactic acid that would otherwise, just be setting in my legs. The result is that I feel so much better a few hours later.


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