Monday, October 21, 2013

Big South 5k

Driving out the parking lot this Saturday, I had to feel good about how this day started. I ran 17:01, finished 11 overall and first male masters’ runner. Our TrySports Ambassador team took home the Big South Team Championship for the 3rd year in a row with have a sub 17 minute team average.

Above and beyond most races that I do, TrySports puts a lot into this race so I believe it is important for our Ambassador team to make a strong showing each year. This year Richard Harries, Paul Mainwaring, Glen Carroll, Kelly Fillnow, Dalena Custer signed on with me to make up our team.

The race starts out uphill and continues this way for pretty much the first mile and half.  Running a lot of marathon miles can make it a bit discouraging when I drop down to the 5k. Paul, Richard, Dalena, and Kelly appeared to be sprinting up the hill while I was still trying to figure out where my first footsteps went.

I was a good half mile in to the race before I caught Kelly. I was well past the mile before I caught up to Dalena. But once I caught her, I could not shake her off. Richard was some 20 to the 30 yards ahead. In some dream world I would have had thoughts of running him down. However, once we hit the downhill section of the course he slowly pulled away.

I missed my first mile split but my Garmin flashed 11:11 at mile two. The last mile has a slight rise but is otherwise downhill or flat. I heard Pezz shouting encouragement at 2.5 miles. Then, I heard her shout out encourage to Dalena as well. This reminded me that she was right behind me.  

Last year, I ran every corner hard only to have Donny come flying by me at the finish. This year, I tried figure out a different solution. A “check” out of the corner of my eye told me that Dalena was right behind me.

I came off the last corner and was trying to shift up to my highest. Being older my shifting is not so good. Actually, I am pretty certain that I shifted down in gears rather than up. What I really know was that Dalena powers by me and finishes one second in front of me.

Well, at least I lost to a fellow TrySports team mate. We both ran hard the entire way and I ran my fastest 5k this year.

After the race, I headed off to my car to change shoes.

Then, it was across the street for my second workout. Following my 5k effort, I went on to do 4 x 2 minutes with 1 minute recovery. Funny, after running the 5k, these 2 minute intervals actually felt pretty easy.

My legs were a little shaky considering that there has been only 13 days since my Wine Glass Marathon. Also I noticed that it is far easier to concentrate for 17 minutes than having to concentrate for over 2 and half hours on running.

Having run this race now for three years in a row, I have become a huge fan of the “Big South 5k”. I hope to be back again next year and have another strong team to contend for a fourth straight team award.


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