Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last big training week before Wine Glass

I headed in to my 8 mile tempo on Tuesday knowing that I could now count the number of hard workouts left in my marathon training cycle on one hand. My mind knows the end is near.

Later as I was cooling down, I was feeling rather pleased with the way my tempo went which has run counter to the rest of my training during this cycle.

Letting my mind wonder for just a bit, I arrived at the following conclusion.

Often during a workout or race, the mind will always keep a little something in reserve. The body is never allowed to reach a fully exhausted state, and only a few individual truly ever reach this state. If this could happen during a training run, I wondered if it could occur during a training cycling. Could the mind hold back the body because of the enormity of the training being undertaken. Then once realizing the goals was within reach, release the body to run free.

I don’t even know if this is really possible. For all that I know, this could just be a foolish thought that popped into my head. But the idea does just seem reasonable.  

I hadn’t done anything that would make my runs suddenly be better, but my tempo was definitely better. My heart rate which I track during my training was much lower. My splits were consistent through the entire run with the fastest split being record during the last mile. May be it does have some credence.

Next up is a quick speed session on Friday and then 28 miles of running on Saturday during the “Doctor Who” 50k. This will wrap up my major training for Wine Glass, and I will have only 3 weeks of taper survive. I can do it that is the easy part.


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