Thursday, September 26, 2013

Belk’s Brigade 5k – It’s the small things that impress runners the most

When it comes to races, I truly believe that it is the small things that make the most difference.

Earlier this week, I opened my mail box to find a large envelope from the Belk’s Brigade 5k.

Inside, I found my award from the race, and I found a fantastic hand written note from Kathi Belk congratulating me for winning my award and thanking me for running her race.

I did not ask Kathi to send me my award. Nor did Kathi did she have to do it, but she did.

Why more race directors do not take this approach; I do not know. In our world today there is pretty much a race of some distance every weekend and more often than not, multiple races in the same day.

The reputation of a race can make or break it from a financial perspective.

Having a good reputation means when runners are spending those long runs together, the stories that they swap about races carry a lot of “weight”. Having a positive story to share makes other runners think “I might want to run this race”.

I commend Kathi for making this effort, and I urge everyone to check out her race next year. The race is usually on a Saturday afternoon around 5pm in September at Frank Liske Park in Concord, NC.


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The Cool Down Runner

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