Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Counting down my workouts

Every marathon cycle seems to be the same. I look at my training plan, and it looks like I have plenty of time to prepare for my marathon.

Then somehow magically I am doing the final few workouts.

Presently, I am now down to two hard workouts and one semi long run left.

This past Tuesday, I was out running my 24 x 1 minute on and off. I never thought much about it but this workout takes me about 10 miles to complete.

I ran some good splits and some slower splits, but again, this workout was performed on the road. My course has me running up hills and down hills and on some flats.

One of things that I do not like is how sluggish I am starting out. I have talked over and over about it. For the first 3 or 4 miles, I feel like am dragging an anchor. Then, just as suddenly, I start to shift. I start to feel better. The pace picks up. My stride feels more fluid.

I remember the days when I could just roll out of bed and hit the road running. Now, I seem to need an hour just to get my blood pumping.

Word of advice to runners on getting older, do not do it. Plan to stay young. This will be the best decision that any runner can make.  LOL


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