Monday, September 16, 2013

400 meter speed session

A few years ago when housing developments were springing up like dandy lions around Charlotte, they were building a brand new one near my home. They put in some nice roads and sidewalks. They even added street lights. However, the economy took a nose dive, and this development was left as basically a paved loop.

I have run by it numerous times and often wondered if it would work for as a nice speed loop for me. With a little 12 x 400 workout slotted for last Friday, I figured I would finally check it out.

After a 3 mile warm up, I headed into this (un)development and picked my starting corner. I would be using my Garmin to check the distance so it would be an approximation. My plan was run a quarter and then take a 10th recovery.

I ran ¾ of the loop which turned out to be a quarter mile, and then got my 10th back to the same starting point. Wow!!

I am not sure how they knew it but they built the perfect loop for my training purposes. There is zero traffic and has a built-in recovery distance.

I have only one “knock” against it. The loop is not completely flat. The back side has a small raise running from one corner to the next. This means, I run the first side and the third sides slightly downhill.

I will take it.

As for my workout, I was sluggish for the first couple of intervals but quickly worked my way down to running 79s by the finish.

Glad to have this one in the books.


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