Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 days until the Wineglass Marathon

I have been struggling through many of my workouts this training cycle so when I glanced at the Wineglass website and saw that there was only 30 days of training left; I had one of those deep “sighs”. The kind of sigh that says “I have been working hard but I still have so much work to do”. I am just setting here and pondering the fact that I am just 30 days out from my next marathon. The calendar doesn’t lie. Yes, there are just 30 days.

I don’t have any doubts about being able to complete the race, but I am just not sure about my time goal. Like I said; my workouts have not gone well. I have not been hitting the kind of splits that I need to be hitting.

This was most evident during my 15 miler last Saturday and was made even more apparent during my 3 x 2 mile workout yesterday.

It all goes back to the expectations that I set for myself. Our friends and running buddies set some expectations for us. My problem is that my expectations of myself are so much higher than anyone else could even think about setting for me.  I expect myself to go out each and every time and do well each and every time. Yes, it is very frustrating. No one can be on every time.

So what’s my other option? I should stop racing, and therefore wouldn’t need to put in these hard training miles. Yeah, I guess this is an option. For some people, this is alright. It just isn’t an option that I am ready to entertain right now.

Sorry about the emotional dump today, but honestly, this makes me feel better once I have it out of my system.
Just 29 days left of training. I need to make the most of them.


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