Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Finding inspiration

Mondays are tough days for me. An early run and then, getting back into the swing of things at work, it is pretty easy to understand why I find little motivation for heading out the door again after 5pm for another work out.

What was I to do?

It dawned on me to use my iPod and take a little music along for the workout.

First, I had to scramble around to find it. Next, during the afternoon, my iPod needed to be charged up. Fortunately, I can charge and sync it with my computer to freshen the list of songs at the same time. I got lucky on this one. 

Hearing some music helped make the difference. I started with some up tempo songs in order to get me going. The middle part of the work out, I played slower songs to help me pace myself. Finally, I moved back to some fast and motivational songs like “Eye of the Tiger” to push me to the finish. Did it help? Yes, absolutely.

I was trying to remember the last time that I used my iPod. Six to eight month have definitely passed. Most of the time, I like to draw my strength from with in, but there are occasions where music definitely helps. Music gives the mind some extra drive to get it over the hump of getting rolling.

Every person finds inspiration where they can.

It is less important what does the inspiring than the fact that it does inspirer.
Today music was my inspiration.


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