Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wanted 8 x 800 but settled for 6 x 800

Maybe just a measure of experience was talking to me this morning when I called it quits at 6 repeats instead of the desired 8 x 800s that I wanted.

Yesterday afternoon, Paul posted on Facebook that he was doing 6 x 800 on the Dilworth speed loop this morning. After a few comment exchanges, I was on board.

This meant that I was rolling out bed at 4 AM so I could be at the Dowd Y for our 5:30 AM departure. Man, the sound of the alarm was a nasty reminder that I should not make such early morning commitments.

Shortly after 5, I headed for the Y. 5:30 on the nose, I see Paul and Joe – Joe's new or just returning to CLT after spending some time in Atlanta.

We make the circle over near Caitlin's house to see if she interested. With no signs of her on the Charlotte city streets, we made our way to the Dilworth speed loop.

After some 3.5 miles, we are finishing our warm up with some strides when this guy comes around corner. Has it really been nearly a month sense I last ran with Mike in the morning. He had some lame excuse about an over turned truck on 85-77 ramp. Not sure if I was buying it. LOL.

I should make this clear. I believe this is the first time that I did intervals with Paul so I deferred to his lead.

I ran the first one: 2:49. I feel like I am running hard, but my legs are stuck in second gear. The next one is in 2:46, and the third one is in 2:45. The fourth is 2:43. I like the way it is going. Each interval, I stay decently close behind both Paul and Joe during the first 400, but on the second 400, they would gap me.

I ran the fifth interval in 2:46. There nothing left in the tank. On the sixth interval I ran 2:48. Mike goes flying by me. I want to think that he just saved it up for the last interval, but sadly, I know it was just me. That's when I decided, I wasn't doing the next 2 intervals. I am two weeks into running much harder intervals so the speed will come. I just have to be patient and let it return.

Overall, the workout went well. I just need to keep with the plan. Oh, the plan. Everyone needs one. Right?


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