Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stomach Bug

This morning I had plans of running the Earth Fare 5k in Asheville, but it never materialized. Thursday night, I came home and felt pretty tired so I head straight for bed. Things just got worse. I was up and down the entire night. I went for my run the next morning and felt like as running on low battery. I dragged myself to my desk and worked the entire day. 5pm came, and I dragged myself over to my couch where I dozed on and off for the next seven hours before heading for bed.

It wasn't until noon today that I started feeling better.

Weird, I didn't really feel bad on Thursday. I felt a little tired but then I spent the previous three days in Richmond. I figured it was just part of traveling and working longer hours.

I am just glad to be feeling better. Being sick is no fun.


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