Friday, April 26, 2013

10 x 600

My legs have not been cooperating lately, but this didn't stop me from dragging myself out for another interval workout. Yeah, I know I complain a lot about my legs, but they are my legs and this blog gives the changes to blow off the stress about them.

Anyway, this week I did a 10 x 600 with 1 minute recovery. As my usual pattern, about three intervals in to the workout, I started to find a little of my MoJo. Then, I settled in to run some consist splits the rest of the way.

I am pretty sure my body hasn't fully recovered from my stomach bug a week ago. I lost about 5 pounds over just a few days. Now, I feel okay starting out on my runs but once I get over an hour, the fatigue really starts to hit home. My legs end up just barely coming off the ground during each stride. I hope another week and they will start to feel normal again. I really want to hit a few more of those Dilworth speed loops with "The Captain" on Tuesday mornings.

Good thing the days are turning warmer. I really like the no gloves and singlet weather arriving again. Summer is coming and is going to be good this year.


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