Monday, April 29, 2013

Thoughts about the Run Your Heart for Boston 2.62 hour

Rob posted on our club's FaceBook event page that our Run Your Heart for Boston 2.62 hour run would be held rain or shine. There was rain through out the night but this didn't deter 400+ runners from coming out and helping us make a huge contribution to the Gross Family. Rob sent me an email this morning with the total. With some last minute donations, yesterday's run brought in over $17,000 dollars. This is just fantastic.

When I stop and think about it, this just totally amazes me. In less than 10 days, an event was organized and setup. Food, Water, Gatorade, and PowerAde were gathered. Online registration was step up. Shirts were ordered and printed and oh yeah, like I said earlier. There were over 400+ runners who showed up. We literally took over the McMullen Greenway.

This just goes to show what a "BIG" heart our Charlotte Running Community has. I feel so fortunate to just be a part of it.

To each person that participated yesterday, I want to personally "Thank You" for taking time out of your day to give back.

Additionally, I want to single a few special individuals that contributed huge amounts of their time and energy to make this happen.
  • Rob Ducsay
  • Stephanie York
  • Wen Norvel
  • Johanna Curry Remes
  • Matt Bush
  • David Munger
  • Chad Randolph
  • Phyllis Neiah
Our world is shaped by people that are willing to make a difference. Yesterday, these individuals demonstrated just how true this statement is.

To each of you – "THANK YOU"

Sharing thought at time,

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