Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sandy Feet 5k

So many years have passed since I last ran in Matthews, NC that I have lost count. This made the selection for a weekend race easy for me. Matthews is only about 35 minutes of driving time for me.

Meaning I was there in plenty of time for the race.

There is an old saying "don't make assumptions". This is exactly what I did this morning. The race information said they were using their regular 5k certified course. I took this to mean the same course we had used when I last ran it. I even did my warm on that course. Image my surprise when I was told "no, this is a different" course. Sight unseen, I headed off the starting line.

Each turn would be a new adventure for me.

Two guys quickly zipped out front on the gun. I thought I would settle in behind them but within 300 yards, they were already fading. From there, I just followed the police car, and silently said a pray. I hoped he knew where he was going. My Garmin beeped at the mile and flashed up a split of 5:26. At the next turn, I peeked over my shoulder. There wasn't a sole in sight. We made the loop around by Covenant Day School. Ugh, I had forgotten how much up hill was in this section. My Garmin beeped again: 5:36. I finished the loop by the school and headed back for downtown Matthews. Another check over my shoulder at the turn told me that I had this one. Mile 3 went by in sluggish 5:48 and I finished in 17:43.

I crossed the finish line and then waited for the other runners to finish. Today, I wanted to give each a "high-five" as they finished.

The race organizers did a decent job with the race. The course had one water stop and plenty of course monitors and police presence. Post race, there was Gatorade and water along with bananas and bagels. The awards were prompt and I was pulling out of the parking lot by 9:30 AM after an 8 AM race.

I give the Sandy Feet 5k race a "thumbs up" and the course gets a "thumbs up" as well.


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