Tuesday, April 30, 2013

7 x 3 minutes with 1 minute recovery

I stayed on the roads today and went 7 x 3 minutes with a 1 minute recovery. There was nothing fancy about the workout. It was just some good hard nose running. The kind of running I hope will make me stronger over the 5k distance.

My workout started with a 3 mile warm up and then, I launched directly into the 3 minute repeats. For this workout, I turn off the auto lap feature on my Garmin and switched to the view that displays both the split elapse time and elapse distance.

During the 3 minute interval I will occasionally peek at the elapse time and slow once it hits 3 minutes. I don't usually hit the split button. I will let it run for the entire recovery before hitting it again. This way the split numbers match exactly with the repeat numbers. This just makes my mind work a little less during the workout. In fact, it allows me to totally tune out any worry of counting the repeats.

At various times, I will wear my heart monitor and include it on the same display. Today, I wasn't in the mood to wear it. I find when I am more tired that I tend to not wear it. In some sense, I guess, it would become even more apparent that I wasn't pushing as hard as I should otherwise be pushing.

Overall, today's workout was decent. The humidity was up and the clouds for the most part kept the sun at bay. I could feel the tug on the hamstrings and the lactic acid burning in the quads.

I will chalk this workout up as another stepping stone in my "get the legs turning over" initiative.


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