Monday, January 30, 2012

Lessons Learned

Experience is a wonderful thing because it helps guide us toward making better decisions about future endeavors. In the business world that I live every day, we always do a lessons learned after each project. The premise being that we learn what we did well and what could we do to improve the process.

The same concept applies to the world of running as well.

Discussions are already being had about what we did well during the CRC Winter Classic 8k and what we could to improves the race for the runners next year. People have already posted some suggestions for improvement on the CRC Facebook page.

All of these ideas and suggestions are being gathered and put into a single list. From this list will come the improvements for the race next year.

No idea or suggestion is too large or too small to offer so if you see Mike, Ben, Laura, Aaron, Caitlin or myself, feel free to share your proposal.


Sharing one thought at a time,

The Cool Down Runner




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