Friday, December 11, 2009

We have arrived

After many hours of driving, we have arrived in Lexington, KY.

Seven hours is a long time, but Dan and Ben helped it pass pretty easily. Dan was cracking one joke after another and Ben must have played every song on Dan's iPod.

We ran into some traffic issues on the far side of Charleston, WV, but Dan with his trusty iPhone lead us on a overland route and back to the interstate on the far side of the traffic jam. I have no idea where we were but I saw a ton of Christmas lights. Ben took a lot of pictures along the way. Definitely, if you are interested in seeing his pictures, you ask him for a copy.

We have now settled in at the Hilton in Downtown Lexington on the 16 floor. This might be my only chance this year to do some altitude training by sleeping high and training low.

The plan is to head out to the course around 10ish to get checked-in and get in a little warm up.

My race goes off at 11:30 and Ben's race goes off at 1:30.

We circle back by the hotel to get cleaned up and go by the awards ceremony and dinner.

So far it has been a good start to this road trip.



Tales from the Cool Down Runner on a road trip.

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Good Luck Guys!