Thursday, December 10, 2009

MBM Training Progress

My Myrtle Beach Training started on December 1st. In doing so my miles are starting to go up and the intensity has started to increase ever so slightly.

One of the things that I have noticed is that my legs don't have any bounce in them. Or to describe it another way, my energy levels are not at their usual levels.

Given that I am usually starting my marathon training several months separated from my last marathon, I suspect that this is the main reason.

There isn't much that I can do about it at this point but just continue to work through it.

By January 8, OBX will have been in my rear view mirror by 2 months so hopefully the legs will start to show some life. And, it will be at just the right time. During January I will be way more focused on speed work both on and off the track.

For now, I will continue working the hill workouts, tempo runs, and 20 mile long runs.



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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good mix to me...keep it up! Stephen

Cool Down Runner said...

I am ping you about an 8 mile temp run next week if you are up for it.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely up for the tempo...thanks and good luck this weekend with XC! Spada