Monday, December 21, 2009

26 Degrees this morning

Riding down Independence this morning, there is a big sign showing a time 6:26 AM and temperature of 36 degrees. 1110 AM radio was saying otherwise. 1110 felt the actual temperate was closer 25 degrees. Personally, I like the temperature on the sign better.

Getting out of my car I felt the cold chill hit my hands and neck. Running tempo runs on very cold morning is always tough.

After a 2 mile "warm up" I headed down McAlpine from the Old Bell entrance. My cheeks felt the cold and my lips tingled.

The first 2 miles was slower than I expected. I guess by body was still needing to warm up. The 3rd mile was better. By the 4th mile things were good. Miles 4 through 8 were all run at 6:20 pace. Not bad considering I was bundled up like someone charging up the north face of Everest.

Not too many people out running at Mc Alpine. But there were a few walking braving the cold temperatures.

I guess each of us figured other was nuts for running on a day light this one.

A quick little 2 mile warm down and I was back in my car with the heart turned up full. Ah, the hot air.

Someone remind me why I was wanted cooler temps in August again. LOL


Tales from the Cool Down Runner.

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