Friday, December 4, 2009

Thorlo Experia Socks

It was back in October when I ventured by the Thorlo store to pick up some running socks. Usually two or three times a year I drive to Statesville, NC for socks. There is a Thorlo store just off the 77 before you get to Statesville.

There are two of reasons why I make this trip. The first reason is that it usually precedes a marathon. I always like to have a new pair Thorlo crew cut running socks for my marathon. The 2nd reason is that because this is a Thorlo Store I get a chance to check out all of the other types of socks that Thorlo offers.

Last year, I picked up two pair of compression socks which I continue to wear after long runs.

This year, I stumbled across a new type of Thorlo socks called Experia. These socks have the same padding in the forefoot and in the heel as your normal Thorlo Running Socks, but the rest of the sock is an ultra thin material typically found only in racing socks.

After puzzling over them for a few minutes I decided to pick up two pair. One would be used for testing leading up to OBX and if the testing went well, I would use the other pair on race day.

A few days later, the first pair was tested in a track speed workout. While the test went well, I wasn’t convinced enough to switch up socks for race day.

No don’t go away thinking that I shelved the socks entirely. I continue to use them on my speed days and I use them in my cycling shoes. For some reason, the padding is perfect in the forefoot of my cycling shoes and the thin uppers don’t leave my feet feeling cramped.

If you are looking for a racing sock, I would definitely recommend swinging by the Thorlo Store to check them out.

Tales from the Cool Down Runner wearing Thorlo Racing Socks.


Tracy Harris said...

Hi Runner's Cool Down,

This is Tracy from Thorlo socks. I am the Marketing Coordinator for Experia and came across your blog. How wonderful of you to write about our product. I've been working with some bloggers on reviews of Experia and this has been a great way to introduce the product to the running community. That's great that you have discovered our outlet store in Statesville. I see that you are in Charlotte. Will you be running the Thunder Road Marathon this weekend? If so, please stop by and say hi. I would love to meet you. I will be working in the retail village at the Thorlo display.

Since Experia hit the market in February, we have had the opportunity to introduce a lot of runners (new consumers) to the Thorlo family. Experia is a sub-brand of Thorlo, allowing us to be something different than who we are with Thorlo. Experia is a much thinner product (also thinner in the pads) than our traditional thick cushion running and our Lite Running with Coolmax. Our thick cushioned products still offer the most protection and over an athlete's performance lifecycle, will lead to healthier feet. We encourage those who are wearing our thick cushioned products to continue to wear it for the most protection. Experia is a great alternative for shorter runs and those hot days, but we want to take the best care of your feet as well.

Thanks again for the review and giving me the opportunity give a little education on foot health. I hope to see you in Charlotte at the marathon expo.

You may contact me directly at

Best regards,
Tracy Harris

Cool Down Runner said...

thanks for the comment, Tracie.

Looking forward to meeting up with you Friday at the Expo