Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3000 Mile Club

At the end of each month, comes the time to total up the monthly and yearly mileage. In Oct, my running totals surged over 3000 for another year and now my biking totals have reached that same magical figure as well. For the year '09, I have so far run 3356 miles and biked 3143 miles. That is pretty close to running across the United States and then biking home.

When the year started, my 3000 mile goal was in series jeopardy. Shortly after this New Year arrived, my right knee decided it was over worked and developed a bad case of ITB. Image that. But thing recovery quickly which allowed me to rebound and still attain my goals.

Reaching 3000 plateau also put a done stamp on my effort to run 3000 and bike 3000 miles in the same year.

But as these numbers rolled around my head, I wondered about the totals from previous years.

The '07 and '08 totals were relatively handy to track down.

Going back to '07, I ran 3407 miles. Then in '08, I ran 3764 which according to AthletiCore that is an average of 71 miles per week.

Bring the grand total to 10, 527 miles to be exact, and I am not done with this year.

That is a lot miles and a lot of tread being worn off my running shoes.

I wasn't sure of this number until I looked it up but the distance of the earth is 24,901.46 miles along the equator and 24, 859.73 miles going through the poles.

Meaning in the last 3 years I am pretty darn close to running half way around the earth. And if you give me credit for the previous 20 years of continuous running, I should have completed my fair share of world laps.

These were my goals for the year.

What were your goals 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 miles? Is anyone else going to hit 3000 miles?


Tales from the Mileage Club

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