Saturday, December 26, 2009

22 Miler

The day after Christmas may be the worst day for running throughout the entire year. If you are like me, you took in way more calories than one person should ever consume. Then to get up the next morning and attempt to run 22 miles on a long run is nothing less than a terrible idea.

The first 4 or 5 miles I felt pretty lethargic, but the legs were turning over and the mind was into the run. Then around 10 miles things just seem to go dark. The legs started tightening up and the feet started hurting.

I tried to focus my mind on other things but with 10 miles still to run there wasn't much else I could do but just keep running

I was certainly was happy to reach the 18 mile point which meant it was time to turn toward home.

Turning into my development my Garmin clicked over to 22 miles, I could have stopped right there. The workout was done and there was little need to run any further. But my house was still another ½ mile into the development. I stopped my Garmin but I didn't stop running. I started this run at my driveway so that is where I needed to finish.

4 minutes later, I coasted up to my driveway. I was never happy to be home and know that I am one long run closer to MBM.


Tales from the Cool Down Runner.


Coach Spencer said...

I agree, Dec. 26 is one of the worst days to run all year. Today, I ran 7 with the kids I coach at Beatty Park. Muddy. Then I ran 6 at Beech Mountain tonight. Icy. Both were pretty entertaining.

Last Dec. 26, I ran 60- yes 60 by myself at ASC. Talk will power. As I remember, it was kind of a drizzly day and I didn't see a single person the whole run. Pretty miserable.

Take care.

Mark Hadley said...

Great job Bill, it sounds like you are pretty serious about MB. I'm sure that your hard work and dedication will pay off on race day. It is a great flat course and as long as the wind doesn't kick up you should have the opportunity for a fast time.

Keep up all the great work.