Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goals for ‘10

Okay, I have closed the door on the '09 season so now it is time to turn my attention to the New Year and decide what I really want to accomplish in '10. That's in fact good question and I am hoping by putting my thoughts down here that I can get a decent plan laid out.

So let me start by listing out my athletic goals then explaining why I want to do each. By the way, I have whole other set of personal goals that I want to accomplish but that is for another time and place

For my athletic goals, being able to explain why you want to do something is almost as important as the goal itself. By explaining it, you are backing up your desire to achieve a doable task. I say this because running is just like life and similar life is like running. We all have up and down but the important thing is to keep moving forward and keep our eye on the goal.

Hence, here's my shot at '10 goals.

  • Run a sub 2:40 marathon
  • Capture the Master's 8k RRCA –NC Championship
  • Ride in a century
  • Run under my 24:52 for the Lowes 10 mile time trial time
  • Attempt Duathlon
  • Return to OBX
  • Master's Team for the USAT&F Club Championship

Sub 2:40 given a fast course and good competition, I believe is still within my reach. I have done it each of the last 2 years and I feel confident that I can get it again this year.

Leading up to my spring marathon, I found a race having the RRCA NC Open and Master's Championship for the 8k. I have not run this race in several years, but it happens to be in the right spot for me in my prep for a spring marathon. I feel I have a decent shot at it.

In '09 my longest ride in an official event was 60 miles. My longest ride outside of an official event was 70 miles. Once you get to 70 miles, 100 miles doesn't seem all that much further. Now, I just need to find a century some time during the summer months.

24:52 was my PR at Lowes Motor Speedway in '09. Can I crack that number this year, we have to see. I have definitely been riding a lot more. Usually, the winter months my bike just collects dust until about April. But with my new trainer, I have been wearing out the rear tires pretty fast.

Duathlon, I guess it is time for me to step outside the running box and try something new. The Duathlon looks promising and there is an event here in Charlotte in late February. The cold might be a little tough to handle on the bike but the opportunity and the timing is right so I plan to put my name down for this event.

OBX, if I return to OBX this year, I will be running this marathon for the 3rd year in a row. Even thou, the drive to OBX is a long one, I still enjoy the trip. There something about the area and the people that pulls me back.

After running the Club Championship in Kentucky this year, one my major goals for '10 is to put together a Master's team. And with the Championship coming to McAlpine next year, travel should not be an issue. Now, all I have to do is find 8 guys between 40 and 49 who are willing to stay in shape and injury free until December of '10.

Well, these are my goals for '10. Nothing appears to be too outrageous. My only concern is the 24:52 at Lowes. I was riding pretty hard on that day. I don't know if I can take down the precious seconds that are needed to break this time. But then, I am still relative new to the bike so who know. Wednesday nights should really be fun over the spring and summer months.

Coming the first week of Jan will be my '10 racing schedule. Be on the lookout for it.



Goals for the Cool Down Runner in '10


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