Friday, June 14, 2019

River Jam 10k June Edition ‘19

With the rain coming down in gobs earlier this week, my expectations for getting some dry tails didn’t exactly work out for this race.

To start with, the Whitewater Center did landscaping over the winter, and they created this nice lush green area for events. I guess to take advantage of it, they decided to move the start/finish back yet again. I jokingly asked them when they were going to change the 10k-ish to a 7 miler.

So back to race, there was a big group jumped out quick at the start. Knowing the trails were slick, I was taking my time or so I thought.

We hit the trails, and we dropped down on the South Main trail. As it nears the river, the trial bears to the left. I knew it was slick in this section so I was hoping to hug the inner edge. No such luck. I attempted to plan my right foot, and it was like I took this long lazy slide. Down I went. Mud covered my left side from my foot to my shoulders including my arms and hands. I bounced up as several runners dashed by me.

Back running, I attempted to take stock of the situation. While I was doing this, I was also attempting to shake off the extra mud that I was carrying.

Slowly, I chased down some of the guys in front of me, but I was minding my “p”s and “q”s with every sharp corner.

No more falls happened which was a good thing.

I finished 4 overall, first in my age group, and ran 46:50.

I will take it. The running weather was awesome. Anyone not out there missed a great evening for a race.

Next up is the Vertical Mile on Saturday. I have never done it before so I am expecting this to be an adventure.

Tails from the trail,

The Cool Down Runner

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