Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Stacy's Ladder Workout

Sometimes, rolling someone else’s workout is better than rolling your own. At least this is how I rolled this morning, when I jumped in with Stacy for her decending ladder interval workout.

We worked the 1000s together. My body was fighting me to feel properly warmed up. Even thou, the temperature was in the mid 60s. I couldn’t seem to feel smooth and relaxed.

Down the ladder went with 800s next. It felt good to not have that extra 200 meters.  Then, Steve jumped in for second one and led us start to finish.  Couldn’t match his pace – not today anyway, but it was still faster than the first one.

Further down the rabbit hole we went to the 400s.  The pace was getting faster for them. Me, I was stuck in 2nd gear. Laurie, who is notorious for saying she has no speed, clearly found her speed force this morning. She and Stacy were making quick work of both Steve and me.

For me, the bottom of the rabbit ended with our 200s. If I felt slow from the 400s, I felt really slow in the 200s.

That’s okay, “slow” is all relatively anyway.

The real value is in having others to push me. I had plenty of it today so “Thank you”.


The Cool Down Runner

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