Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mile Repeats

Saw in our group chat that Stacy was doing mile repeats. It wasn’t until this morning that I realized she was doing 5 of them. Guess I should have asked beforehand.

With my legs feeling it from a weekend of heavy running, I wasn’t sure that I was up 5 miles of hard running.

But I figured that I would go as far as possible and jog around while they finished.
We made a quick 2 mile circle to get the blood flowing and the legs warmed up.

Stacy led us out for the first couple of laps. Then, I picked up and led for the next 2 laps. She, Meg, and I finished right around 5:58.

After a 2 minute active recovery, Meg took us out leading the first couple of laps. Again, I pulled us along for the final 2 in 5:55.

After another 2 minute recovery, we were off on the hump interval. This time, I led the entire way finishing in 5:51.

The lactic acid was building in my quads. The feeling is unmistakenable.

2 minutes passed, and we were off again. This interval got an unexpected boost. Paul, Caleb, and Laurie were running 800s. They came around during our interval propelled us along. We ran 5:47.

My body was telling me that I should stop, but how could I. I needed to finish it. I agreed that I would through the 800 and see how I felt.

Meg took us through the first lap. I led us through the second. Coming around for the 3rd lap, Stacy pushed the pace on us.

What felt comfortable at 5:55 pace; felt a lot harder at 5:48. Stacy was finish 5:45 or :46.

Normally, I plan out my workouts so I know weeks in advance what the workout will be. It is refreshing to just show up and run some else’s workout.

Usually, I get a general idea of the workout the day before but don’t get the full details until the 5 AM the next morning.

Stacy has been awesome to let me tag along. For me, personally, it beats running intervals on my own. That to me is the hardest.
Running peer presure is the best.  


The Cool Down Runner

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