Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5 AM Speed Crew

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love a good three day weekend as much as the next guy. I just love the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday combination much better than the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday combination.

For some reason that remains a mystery to me having a Monday off throws off my entire week. Each day arrives with the feeling that I should have already completed the task that lies before me. Or on the flip side, a task arrives before I am ready for it.

Take for example, there is our usual Tuesday morning PDS speed session that I have been attending. With Monday off and feeling a lot like Sunday, getting my brain wrapped around getting out of bed and driving to PDS in the predawn seemed wrong.

My brain yearns for another day to prepare.

Enough of my personal struggles to get the week started.

Jumped right in to Stacy’s short workout this morning: 2 x 400 80 sec. or better, 6 x 200, and finished off with a fast 400. Compared to last week’s 5 x 1 mile, this workout was a nice bounce back.

My 2 x 400 were sub 80 seconds. Unknown, what my 200 times were. I have checked my Garmin yet. I finished off the final 400 in 74 seconds which was the fastest quarter for me in nearly 18 months. I was very happy about this part.  

Big thank you for Stacy and Meg for allowing me tag along. Loved the workout. It was exactly what I needed to get some of my mojo back.


The  Cool Down Runner



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