Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Earlier Morning Workouts

Here’s the flow of my morning so far. My alarm goes off at 4:01 AM. For the next the 30 minutes, I move steadily from one task to the next. Not allowing my mind too much idle time to think about the task ahead. Doing so, would likely entice me to bail on my 5 AM workout.

My 4:31 alarm rings, and I head for PDS to meet up with Laurie, Stacey, and Steve. Not that I am nervous, but this will be my first track workout in over a year. Older legs don’t turn over as fast as younger legs. And, well, lately, my legs have felt quite a bit older.

Stacey and Laurie lead us through a 2 mile warm up. Then, it was time to hit the track. Steve and I end up jumping into Laurie’s mile repeats by running every other lap.

After 8 x 400s, he and I split off. I run a so-so mile repeat in 5:54.

We finished off the morning with a couple of cool down miles . All told, we started at 5:00 and were finished by 6:10. I was back home by 6:45.  

Yeah, extra sleep feels good but so does a workout like this morning. Big thanks to Stacey, Laurie, and Steve for making me accountable.

Now, I am off to work, and I already know I am off to a great start.


The Cool Down Runner

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Stephen Spada said...

Enjoyed it Bill, thanks!