Friday, May 6, 2016

Looking back

A good running log can be a runner’s best friend. Being able to look back to spot trends and see what works and what doesn’t can be a huge benefit toward creating future training plans. I regularly use my logs to build my training plans.

Not sure why but yesterday, I was glancing back through some of my logs from 8 years ago and saw where I ran an 8 mile tempo run in 47 minutes and 11 seconds. It must have been a pretty good day. My notes didn’t go in to a lot detail but any time I ran a tempo run under 6 minute pace, things had to be going right.

But what really caught my attention was the time – 47:11. It exactly matched the tempo run that I did yesterday. The only difference between the runs aside from me being 8 years older – I only ran 7 miles yesterday.   

I am not totally sure why but for some reason, I just felt older. Steps get lost as we age but maybe once it gets to miles, the realization hits home a little harder.  
The Cool Down Runner

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