Saturday, March 19, 2016


During my run along the Cross City Trail in Wrightsville Beach this morning, I couldn’t help but reflect back to one year ago. I had just finished up a similar 4 mile run but this one lacked those very painful miles.

Thinking about it now, if there was ever a sign that should not be ignored, this was it. Yet, I not only ignore it; but I launch right into it.  Sixteen miles later, I was literally left standing alongside the road. Broken, my body beat down to the point where I couldn’t lift my left leg.

As I set here typing this post, I am reminded of a quote about writing checks that one’s body cannot hope to cash. Yet, isn’t this what makes us unique. Our ability to take chances even when we know there is the possibility, a good possibility that we will fail. But we still do it anyway.

Sports, athletics in general are a microcosm of life. A roller coaster of highs and lows to be experienced, understood, and used to strengthen one’s resolve.

Runners may well have the strongest resolve on the face of this planet.


The Cool Down Runner



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